Welcome to Island Playground!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Island Playground is sad to announce that we will be closing our doors on August 15th.


Each day until then, we are going to share some special memories, pictures or FB posts that kind of paint a picture of what this place meant to us.

From all of the crazy birthday parties, school field trips and rainy summer days, we will miss those endless shrieks, giggles and full-belly laughter moments that drove us crazy at times!

We also have many fond memories of kids working hard at the “lollipop challenges,” and “going for the gold” with our various Ninja Warrior Courses and Time Trials. While each tried to achieve some personal glory and set a new IPG World Record, not every child was successful. However, many life lessons were learned here over the years in quests for a simple high-five and lollipop!

Over the years, we became more than a “jumpy place” to some kids. Just like the rest of us, kids tend to doubt their abilities and develop a fear of failure. Watching a child take on one of our challenges, and then push themselves both physically and mentally past their perceived limits, are special moments that we will treasure forever! Whether they successfully completed the challenges was not the point...

Lastly, we would like to thank our wonderful staff of party coordinators. Over the years, we were blessed with many service-oriented and trustworthy employees. These young adults consistently went above and beyond to ensure that our birthday parties were the best in town! They did whatever it took to make sure that the kids had fun and to make things as easy as possible for our busy “party moms!”


To all of our wonderful customers and staff, THANK YOU for the wonderful memories!

1538 Fording Island Rd # 104,

Hilton Head Island, SC 29926, USA

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